Charles Sheffield It's Your Voodoo Working

Charles Sheffield
Prince Conley
It's Your Voodoo Working
I'm Going Home
Outta Sight/R&B

CHARLES SHEFFIELD, was born in the appropriately named town of ‘Lake Charles’ in Louisiana and is best known for his regional hit “It’s Your Voodoo Working” released on Excello records in 1961. Little could he have known that some fifty years later his modest release would change hands for over £1,000 and attract over 350,000 views on YouTube!!!

PRINCE CONLEY, was a little known Memphis blues singer who exploded onto the U.K. rare soul scene with his R&B dancer “I’m Going Home” released on the fledgling Satellite imprint in 1961. The label would adopt the more familiar and now legendary Stax logo soon after its release. Of no significance at the time, the recording features a young Steve Cropper on his first session for Stax.

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