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Debra Anderson Funny How We've Changed Places

Debra Anderson
The Caesars
Funny How We've Changed Places
Girl I Miss You
Outta Sight
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DEBRA ANDERSON debuted in 1974 on Musicor Records with the crossover masterpiece “Funny How We’ve Changed Places”. She recorded a further 45 “Where Do We Go From Here” for T.K.’s ‘Drive’ label before joining the disco/funk outfit Stargard scoring an R&B #1 hit with the theme to the feature film ‘Which Way Is Up?’ penned by Norman Whitfield. “Funny How We’ve Changed Places” was also released contemporaneously by Dede Schwartz (aka Dee Dee Warwick) on the major label RCA.

THE CAESARS hailed from St Louis, Missouri, and were signed to Lee Lanier’s ‘Lanie’ label, he also managed the band. They debuted with “Get Yourself Together” in 1966 which garnered just enough airplay to justify a second single, the stunning “Girl I Miss You”. Sadly this one sank without trace signalling the end for The Caesars… until NOW!