Lou Pride I'm Com'un Home In The Morning

Lou Pride
Don Varner
I'm Com'un Home In The Morning
Tear Stained Face
Outta Sight
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LOU PRIDE anoints our new mini-series with, appropriately, his debut 45 “I’m Com’un Home In The Morn’un” from 1970. This is one of the true heavyweights of Northern Soul reaching a staggering $4,000 at auction. Lou was a Chicago born R&B and Soul singer and childhood friend of Natalie and Nat Cole. He sang in church before being drafted into the Army and relocating to El Paso, Texas. It was here that he recorded the legendary, although it was many years before he was aware of its success.

DON VARNER was a Southern soul singer born in Birmingham, Alabama, where recorded the superb Eddie Hinton produced floor-filler “Tear Stained Face” at Quinn Ivy’s studios in Sheffield, AL., in 1967.