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Ron Holden I'll Forgive And Forget

Ron Holden
Jery Fuller
I'll Forgive And Forget
Double Life
Outta Sight
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Two storming Northern Soul classics back-to-back for the first time. Recorded in the glory years of soul music 1966/67 and perfectly paced for Seventies UK dancefloor action.

RON HOLDEN was born to a prominent black Seattle family in 1939 and was a high school football star. His singing talents were first noticed by police officer Larry Nelson after Holden found himslef in the cells after a night on the booze. Officer Nelson went on to form the ‘Nite Owl’ label and recorded Ron Holden on the #7 Billboard hit “Love You So”. Holden recorded “I’ll Forgive And Forget” for ‘Challenge’ in ’67, produced by label-mate Jerry Fuller.

JERRY FULLER was born into a country music family in Fort Worth, Texas in 1938. He signed to Gene Autry’s ‘Challenge’ label in 1959 and hit with “Tennesssee Waltz” ahead of penning the six-million seller for “Travelin’ Man” for Ricky Nelson (although it was intended for Sam Cooke). The self-penned “Double Life” was released in ‘66 and later achieved iconic status in the UK.