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Independents (The) Lucky Fellow

The Independents
Lucky Fellow
I Love You Yes I Do
Outta Sight
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THE INDEPENDENTS were a formidable Seventies Soul vocalgroup
who scored an R&B #1 in 1972 with “Leaving Me” and seven other top 50
R&B hits, five of which crossed over to the Hot 100. They were originally a
three-piece featuring Charles “Chuck” Jackson (related to Reverend Jesse
Jackson), Helen Curry, and Maurice Jackson; together they debuted on Wand
Records in 1972 with their album ‘The First Time We Met’ which features our
B-side “I Love You, Yes I Do”. The following year they were joined by Eric
Thomas and released the album ‘Chuck, Helen, Eric, Maurice’ which includes our
chosen top-side “Lucky Fellow”. This stunning track never made it on to a
single – until now – and is actually a remake of the original which was by band
member Maurice Jackson in 1971, issued on ‘Candle Lite’ and a little later on
‘Lakeside’, both, of course, long before Leroy Hutson!