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Adams Apples Don't Take It Out On This World

Adams Apples
The Cooperettes
Don't Take It Out On This World
Shing A ling
Outta Sight/Brunswick
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ADAM’S APPLES – hailed, rather appropriately, from Brunswick, New Jersey, and cut two singles for Brunswick Records in the late Sixties. “Don’t Take It Out On This World” was released in 1967 and despite positive reviews in Cash Box it failed to hit Stateside. But, almost a decade on, it was reborn in the UK where it dominated the Northern Soul scene in 1976. It was almost purpose-made for Wigan Casino where it echoed around the cavenous ballroom with its chugging beat and haunting harmonies. It is the perfect spine-tingling, All-Nighter sound that has never diminshed in popularity.

THE COOPERETTES – were a girl group from Philadelphia comprising of the four Cooper sisters. They signed a contract with Brunswick Records in 1966 and scored a local hit with their first single “Goodbye School”. Their second disc “Everything’s Wrong” was also a strong seller in Philly and, as is so often the case, their final 45 for Brunswick – the Northern Soul anthem – “Shing-A-Ling” failed Stateside. It was perfect for the adrenalin-fueled all-nighter scene and was adopted by The Torch in Stoke-on-Trent. It became so popular that Brunswick reissued the track in 1975 to fulfill UK demand!